Michigan Divorce Education Series – Understanding Michigan divorce law.

Understanding Michigan divorce law:  When people worry, it is nice when others provide comfort.  At Findling Law we provide legal advice through education.  It is our hope that these blogs, are brochures, forums and accessability will bring comfort to the person you may be worried about.


We have created a series of webinars addressing common questions relating to divorce and family law.  The webinars provide a comprehensive explanation to many divorce and family law issues.

Here are links to the webinars:

Custody, Parenting Time and Child Support webinar: https://vimeo.com/70407197

Property division webinar:    https://vimeo.com/70364777

Alimony and spousal support webinar:  https://vimeo.com/70357676

The formal process of divorce:  https://vimeo.com/70357419

Changing domicile (moving):  https://vimeo.com/71599738

Legal separation (Separate Maintenance and Post nuptial agreements:  https://vimeo.com/72055498

We are ready to help. Findling Law is a leading Michigan divorce law firm, dedicated to fulfilling client’s goals by solving complex problems.

Change is rarely easy, sometimes complicated and often emotional. Our experienced family law lawyers and support group utilize a team approach to focus on solutions. We apply Michigan law and specialize in helping you focus on your goals, protect your property interests, manage your custody and support interest, and keep you happy. Our commitment is to solve problems at an affordable cost. We love to settle cases, but are not afraid to fight.

If you or a loved one is struggling in their situation, we want to help and would love to hear from you by phone, email or in person by scheduling a free consultation. Let it be our privilege to help you.

We are here to help you navigate this journey by focusing on your goals.  If you have any questions concerning any aspect of the law, let me know. My direct line is 248-399-3300 or toll free: 877-968-7347.

Let our exceptional legal team help you . . . REQUEST A FREE CONSULTATION,GET ANSWERS NOW!

Let it be our privilege to help.

By:  Daniel Findling

The Divorce Guy, Michigan Divorce Attorneys and Specialists




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