We are just living together – Common law marriages and Michigan divorce law

We are just living together – Common law marriages and Michigan divorce law:  More people are choosing not to marry, and well, just live together.  For some, marriage is the end of freedom – after all, marriage is supposed to be forever.  Others choose to live together in monogamous relationships and consider marriage merely a legal formality.  They may consider themselves married but for the legal document.


One thing is clear, if you never marry you don’t have to worry about divorce.  Clearly, many marriages end in divorce.  The same is true for relationships in couples that choose never to marry.  The facts remain, many relationships fail, married or otherwise.

Unfortunately, Michigan divorce law is clear.  The Michigan Supreme Court in Van v. Zahorik  (1999) held that a relationship short of marriage is not entitled to legal recognition.

Many states recognize common law marriage.  A common law marriage is a marriage without getting a marriage license.  Typically, a couple lives together for a period of time and hold themselves out to friends and family as being married without really getting married.  In these states, the common law marriage would be entitled to legal recognition.   Notwithstanding, Michigan abolished common law marriage in 1957. 

Therefore, people who live together and combine resources cannot gain access to Michigan divorce laws to divide property, debts, seek alimony or obtain other benefits of marriage.  Michigan requires you to be married.

If you live together and do not want to marry, you may want to consider entering into a contract which sets forth what would happen if you break up.  These contracts are called cohabitation agreements and if properly written are enforceable documents.

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