Divorce mediation – How it works, when to settle.

The majority of Michigan divorce cases settle and divorce mediation is one of the most common forms of alternative dispute resolution where a neutral third party tries to facilitate a fair settlement outside of the courtroom, avoiding the formalities of trial and saving costs.


Court ordered divorce mediation

Divorce mediation is usually court ordered and also confidential. However, prior to attending mediation you must be prepared. Preparation requires that you have an understanding of the nature and extent of the marital estate (what is there to divide) and an understanding of Michigan property law (how to divide property in a divorce).

The mediators role is to help you, your attorney and the other side communicate and reach an agreement. This is accomplished by bring all of the interested parties together (either in the same or separate rooms) and engage in settlement discussions.

When to settle

You should settle a case, when the proposal on the table is similar or better what a Judge would do, relying on your lawyer and the mediator for guidance.

If a settlement is reached, the divorce mediation agreement will typically be recorded or written down. However, it is important to understand that a property agreement reached at mediation, is final, binding and non-modifiable. Therefore, care should be taken before agreeing to anything. Under Michigan law, issues of custody, support and parenting time are always modifiable.

At Findling Law, we have mediated hundreds, if not thousands of cases and can help you navigate your situation. We understand the law. More importantly, we understand Michigan divorce and property law. Let it be our privilege to help you.

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