Parenting time schedules in a Michigan divorce.

Parenting time options in a Michigan divorce. Sometimes the biggest challenge in a divorce or custody case is deciding when a child will spend time with each parent. Parenting time (formally visitation) is the legal term used to describe simply that time and in this article we discuss some of the most popular parenting time[…]

Michigan parenting time and the child’s birthday

Michigan parenting time and the child’s birthday Parenting time in Michigan time governs the times and frequency parents spend with their children.  In a perfect world, parents get along and a parenting time order could read something like:  “The parents are awarded liberal and frequent parenting time”.  Since we do not live in a perfect[…]

Visitation in Michigan (Parenting Time)

Parenting time and visitation in Michigan explained After custody of the children, one of the most contentious issues in a Michigan divorce is parenting time which is commonly referred to as visitation in Michigan.  Parenting time and visitation in Michigan divorce law and Michigan custody law is statutory.  The legistlature requires that a child shall have the[…]

Reasonable parenting time in Michigan

Reasonable parenting time in Michigan. Michigan divorce and Michigan custody law provides that children have a right to a relationship with both parents.   This is sometimes accomplished with an award of liberal and reasonable parenting time in Michigan for the parents or a specific reasonable parenting time schedule. Absent an agreement by the parties, the[…]

Court ordered therapy does not modify parenting time.

On December 12, 2017, in the case of Ludwig v. Ludwing, the Michigan Court of Appeals issued an opinion for publication which is a pretty big deal. Unlike an unpublished opinion which is advisory, published opinions must be followed by every trial court in Michigan. The opinion determined that Court ordered therapy between a parent[…]

Parenting time bracket

Parenting time bracket By:  Daniel Findling (c) 2015 Most people are familiar with a sports bracket but what about a parenting time bracket?  A sports bracket often accompanies a tournament and is a tree diagram matching different teams in a tournament such as the NCAA basketball tournament. A parenting time bracket can be used to[…]

Every other weekend parenting time not enough? – The case of Medford v. Verkade

In the recent case of Medford v. Verkade, the trial court entered an opinion and order awarding full legal and primary physical custody of the parties’ minor child to the father (Mr. Medford). The trial court also awarded limited parenting time to the mother. Specifically, every other weekend, three nonconsecutive weeks per year, and certain holidays.[…]

Holiday Parenting Time in Michigan

Holiday Parenting Time in Michigan The holidays can be overwhelming for families that are divorced or in the process of getting a divorce.  While the holidays are traditionally spent as one family, after divorce, the holidays are typically celebrated in two different households sharing similar (or different) traditions.  While many Michigan divorce and Michigan custody[…]

The moral fitness of the parties – Michigan custody and Parenting Time

Michigan child custody and parenting time – The moral fitness of the parties.  By:  Daniel Findling In every parenting time and custody case in Michigan, the court is required to evaluate the best interest of the children.  Michigan adopted the Child Custody Act and requires a court to consider the best interest of a child.[…]